Kids: OCTOBER 5, 2020


Kids: OCTOBER 5, 2020

Hey Families! Here’s a Kid version of todays Adult WOD.

4 Rounds

3 “Get out of the pool” drills on a surface that mom and dad deem safe. In order to do this choose a surface that is about chest high and then place your hands on the surface.  Then crouch down and jump up pressing your hands down and leaning your body over the top of the surface.  Think how you jump up on the counter at home.
5 Stinkbug push ups.


Follow the Leader-  This is a great at home game for preschoolers.  Have your preschooler follow you as you meander through your home/yard doing various movements, going over, under and around items. After they have seen you model how to lead give them a turn and you follow!