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Step 1
How Do I Get Started?
If you are new to CrossFit, our first step will be to work with you one-on-one through four Introductory Sessions. These sessions are designed to give you personalized attention and coaching, preparing you to safely and comfortably join our group classes. This process also gives our training staff the chance to get to know you and provide a more personalized and effective training experience.
If you already have some CrossFit experience and are only new to Agoge, we have a separate streamlined process.
In either case, the cost of your first month is included in the on-ramp process to allow you time to check out classes before committing to a membership plan. View our rates.
Step 2
Joining Classes
Once your intro sessions are complete, you may come to any class on any day that you like. We understand that people’s schedules are not always constant and we don’t require you to commit to a specific class time. View our schedule.

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