Kids: November 21, 2019


Kids: November 21, 2019

Warm up:


Squirrels and Trees:  Group Athletes in threes.  Two of them will lock hands in a bridge fashion to become the “tree”  the third will go in the middle to be the squirrle. ideally you will have one or two athletes who do not have a home.  When trainer calls “find a new home” all squirrels much find a new tree. Trees will lift up thier arms so squirrel can run to another tree.  Who ever is left without a home performs two squats, push ups etc and go again. Make sure you have the squirrels switch out with the trees so everyone gets a chance to run.  (played similar to Switch Cones)

Skill work: 

Med Ball Over Bar: Hang Adjustable Bars above the athletes eye level.  Have them practice deadlifting the med ball with an angry gorilla back and cleaning it up to their shoulders.  Then they may press the ball and toss it over the bar.



2 Med Ball Over Bar

4 Deadlifts

6 Box Jumps

8 T Push Ups

10 Jumping Jacks