Kids: November 20, 2019


Kids: November 20, 2019

Warm up:

Ship to Shore:

Explain all commands to athletes.  They are pirates and are awaiting orders from the captain.  

Ship- Black Mat placed near rig

Shore- Gray Mat

Captains Coming- Stand Tall and Salute

Swab the Deck- Hold Plank

Man Overboard- 3 Donkey Kicks

Submarine- 3 Squats

Captain Hook- Make a hook with thier hand and say Argh.

Call out commands until athletes are warm.

Skill work: 

Clean from a Box: Have a box about waist high with two light dumbbells on it.  Athlete will bend slightly holding an angry gorilla back and pick up the dumbbells and bring them to their shoulders standing tall at the top.  If they are successful at this stage have them move to a slightly lower box and so on until they are able to achieve the movement from the ground.



4 Squats Each

Inchworm Together Across Room

4 Handstand Kick Ups Each

Wheelbarrow Walk Back (make sure they are taking turns being the wheelbarrow)