Kids: May 6, 2018


Kids: May 6, 2018

Warm up:  

This or That: Partner Athletes  up in groups of 2 or three.  Give them a station to stand on in a row (mat, plates, line on floor etc) facing trainer.  Trainer calls out two options ei: Superman or Batman. Sleep in Late or Get up Early. Blackberries or Strawberries.  Christmas or Halloween. Etc. One choice the kids step off of their station to the right, the other step to the left.  Trainer chooses one for the athlete to perform a movement. “If you chose Batman do 2 burpees” and continue on having kids reset right away and give them new options.  Be creative and think of things that the athletes will enjoy answering.

Skill work:

Rock N Roll Up: Start on feet, crouched in a ball with arms wrapped around legs.  Tuck chin to your chest, rock back to shoulders and try to rock back up to feet.  Try to keep chin tucked and arms around legs the whole time.

Ninja Level Challenge:  Start Seated with a partner or trainer holding your feet.  See if you can come to stand from this position.


Station Rotation : 3-4 Rounds of 30 Seconds at Each Station (Rest 30 seconds between each round)

Toes to Bar

Box Jumps

Handstand Walk Around Box into Forward Roll (Advanced Athletes can try to roll up from their Forward Roll)