Kids: May 2, 2018


Kids: May 2, 2018

Warm up:  

2 Forward Rolls, Agility Ladder 10m, Backward Lunge Walk 10m, Jump Over Three Boxes.

Skill work:

Lunge Into Handstand Kick Up: Have athletes face the wall.  Begin by helping them figure out where their hands need to land for a handstand kick up, about 4-6 inches from wall.  From here have them all back up and get into a lunge. Going down the line have each athlete try a lunge into a donkey kick under control.  If they can successfully complete that, directly them to a starting position where they can land their hands in their personal kick up spot.  Go back down the line having them try to kick up into a handstand on the wall from the lunge position. Ninja status challenge have them skip across the room to their spot and go directly into their lunge to handstand kick up.   


3 Handstand Kick Ups

6 Burpees

9 Lunge Steps in Place

Run 100m