Kids: May 7, 2018


Kids: May 7, 2018

Warm up:  

Dance Party- Every so often trainer pauses music and has athletes do movement of their choice.

Skill work:

Rainbow Wall Walker:  Have athletes position themselves so that when they place their hands on the ground and become inverted they will end up facing toward the wall.  Have them place their hands about 18 inches from wall and walk their feet up and over their hands in a rainbow form in the same fashion a cartwheel would happen.  If athlete can complete this safely have them try the next round with their hands closer to wall.  Have them continue to get closer until they are stacked as much as possible on top of their hands at the top of their “cartwheel”.  



Pull Ups

2 Cartwheels

5 Burpees

Frog Hop Back to Pull Up Bar