Kids: March 23, 2020


Kids: March 23, 2020


Check here Monday through Thursday for ideas for fun ways to move.

Deck of cards workout

Pull out a deck of cards spend 5-10 minutes performing the movements taking turns with family members.  Perform the number equal to the card 

A=1-2=2 etc Jack =11,Queen= 12 King= Choose a movement for the other person to perform

Hearts- Jumping movements (tuck jumps, jumping jacks, star jumps, broad jumps, lateral hops. Jump onto object box or step)

Spades– Squating movements- (squat, jumping squat, lunges, unweighted thrusters,  med ball squat with a soccer ball) 

Diamonds- Pushing  movements,(push up, stink bug push up, wall up with parents permission, plank ups, roving plank for distance, burpees)

Clubs- tumbling movements (forward rolls, cartwheels, barrel rolls, round offs)

Have fun. The more people working with you the more fun it will be!