Kids: June 22 ,2020


Kids: June 22 ,2020

Hey Families! Here’s a Kids version of todays Adult WOD.

For Time:
Run 400m
Rest as long as you need (but not so long you lose motivation)
Run 400m see if you can hold your first time or beat it!
Rest again
One last time Run 400m 
See if your times are similar!



Rock Paper Scissors (home edition):  use stepping stones, chalk circles, etc to lay out a hopping course, or just stand facing each other.  If hopping: meet in the middle or one person can stand at one end and the other hops to them (take turns!).  Whoever wins the rock-paper-scissors battle does one rep, the other person does two reps of whatever movement you choose.  We recommend you mix it up to get your whole body exercising!