Kids: January 23, 2018


Kids: January 23, 2018

Warm up:

This or That:  Partner Athletes  up in groups of 2 or three or have them stand on a line in a large group. Give them a station to stand on in a row (mat, plates, line on floor etc) facing trainer.  Trainer calls out two options ei: Superman or Batman. Sleep in Late or Get up Early. Blackberries or Strawberries.  Christmas or Halloween. Etc. One choice the kids step off of their station to the right, the other step to the left.  Trainer chooses one for the athlete to perform a movement. “If you chose Batman do 2 burpees” and continue on having kids reset right away and give them new options.  Be creative and think of things that the athletes will enjoy answering.  If you wish you can have them run to another line and back rather than just step off.

Skill work:

Repeated Jumps: Start with jump ropes laid out on the ground in a row.  Have the athletes practice making repeated quick jumps over them working on moving from one jump right into the next one.  Then move to low hurdles on the ground for them to quickly work on jumping over.  Slowly raise the height, moving toward low boxes.  Emphasize landing and going right into the next jump rather than pausing for too long.



Jump over 5 Hurdles or 3 Low Boxes (practicing repeated jumping)

Lunge Walk 10 m

5 Push Ups

5 Toes to Bar