Kids: January 24, 2018


Kids: January 24, 2018

Warm up:

Banana Tag:  This is similar to freeze tag in the way that once a person is tagged they are to stop and be still.  However, They must put their hands over their heads and bend their body like a banana or hollow position and hold it until someone comes and “peels them”.  To peel a friend someone must take one hand down at a time like peeling a banana.  After they are peeled they are free to run again in the game.  Switch taggers so that each athlete has an opportunity to be the tagger.

Skill work:

Who Can Balance Longest? – Give the athletes balance challenges.  Ideas: On an object like a small plate. With hands overhead.  Holding and object or weight out in front of them.  On an elevated surface.



7 Star Jumps

7 Push Press

7 Jumping Squats

2 Forward Rolls on Mat