Kids: August 5, 2014


Kids: August 5, 2014


Warm up:

Alternating tabata:

Sit ups

Push ups

Handstand kick ups

Skill work:

Headers (Dip-shrug-drop-stand)


7 DB Hang power cleans

3 Pull ups

6 DB Hang power cleans

3 Pull ups

5 DB Hang power cleans

3 Pull ups…

and so on until

1 DB Hang power clean

3 Pull ups


2 Responses

    1. KB


      Headers is a skill drill we do to help kids learn how to explosively open their hips in the “drive” phase of movements. In this case, we hold a (soft) dodgeball in the air over their heads. When the trainer says “go” the athlete does the dip-drive (Oompa Loompa!) and tries to propel the ball as high in the air as possible. This month we added the complexity of the “Dip-shrug-drop-stand” movement to the drill and they tried to “head” the ball during the “shrug” phase.