Kids: April 25, 2020


Kids: April 25, 2020

Hey Families! Here’s a Kids version of todays Adult WOD.

 AMRAP 10min

6 Deadlifts
4 Hang Cleans (squat or power depending on their level of skill)
2 Push Press
1 Trip Through Agility Ladder (remember some fun agility ladder drills HERE)

Skill Work Fun: 

Heel Balance Drill:  Find a slightly elevated surface and inch your feet forward so that your toes are hanging off the edge of the surface.  Practice a deadlift (unweighted), Squat or a press working hard to not allow your toes to dip forward.  Each time you are successful inch your feet forward.  See how well you can stay in your heels.  Parents, this is a drill we practice regularly in our kids program.  It is also one that is great for adults as well.  Give it a try with your kiddos and see how skilled they are.  You may be surprised how helpful this drill is for you as well!