Annual Halloween Candy “Buyback”


Annual Halloween Candy “Buyback”

Support Operation Gratitude!

We have made it a tradition to collect any candy you don’t want (a little goes a long way!!!) and send it to troops stationed overseas.  Last year we sent close to 50lbs from CrossFit Agoge.  There will be a collection box up front at the gym starting next week.  

Kids, if you bring your candy in, you will be issued a “Game of the Day” token which you can cash in to choose the the game at the end of class.

This year they are asking for a new adult toothbrush with every pound we send so feel free to bring some of those in too.  

Please consider writing a letter.  It doesn’t have to be long, or eloquent, or dramatic, just a word to express that you understand what it means to be where they are instead of home with their families like us. 

Check out this video to see why every little bit matters.