Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A couple of the crew packing things up in prep for the big move.

Workout of the Day

Today’s workout will be slightly different, we have a ton of space now, let’s use it…

Warm up, followed by an attempt at a new 20 rep max of dead lift. To clear up any misunderstanding from previous attempts, the form should be perfect or as close to it as you are currently capable. If they aren’t perfect it doesn’t count. All reps have to be accomplished without removing your hands from the bar. All reps are to be accomplished by starting from a dead stop (no touch and go’s here).

Next, you will attempt a 20 rep max at back squats. The same rules apply to form, so start relatively low in weight.

Afterwards we will do a Tabata of sprints… inside all of our wonderful new space.

And finally, after that we (the children so coyly disguised as adults) will play dodge ball. Rules to be explained at class.

That is all…