Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Matt B showing us the value in getting good at doing double unders. Not only does it mean faster times and a skill development that focuses on coordination, timing, balance, agility and accuracy (all neurological adaptations by the way) but it also apparently hurts like hell if you miss… Way to finish Matty, I know how frustrated you were by the end. Great display of perseverance.

Workout of the Day

Break into groups of two, one person will do the entire workout, the second person is there to judge, count reps and help change weights.
Five rounds of one minute on, two minutes rest of Thrusters for points. Weights and points to follow

135/95 – 5 points per rep
115/75 – 4 points per rep
95/ 65 – 3 points per rep
75/ 55 – 2 points per rep
65/ 45 – 1 point per rep

Afterwards we will switch and the other partner will go. The person with the highest score wins.