Thursday, 7 July, 2016


Thursday, 7 July, 2016

Billy pulling tall!

Billy pulling tall!

Workout of the Day:

Mobility Day:

Double Lacrosse Ball T-Spine Plate Smash (3 Min, 235)

Take the Double Lacrosse ball up to the base of the skull for two more minutes

Overhead with External Rotation Bias (2 Min Each, Pg 258)

Banded  Elbow Distraction (2 Min Each, Pg 281-3)

High Glute Smash and Floss (2 Min Each, Pg 302)

Hip External Rotation with Flexion (2 Min each, Pg 307)

Barbell Quad Smash (2 Min Each, pg 326)

Lateral Anterior Compartment Smash (2 Min Each, Pg 371)