Thursday, 31 January, 2013


Thursday, 31 January, 2013

A few months ago, a female client that I care a great deal for started saying something to the effect that she would have diminished returns because she crossed the 40 year threshold. While I understand that modern society has granted us this excuse, in fact has doomed us to a life of deterioration, I hold up two examples for you. The first is our very own Carolyn. This 70+ year old fountain of youth inspires us daily. In fact, this year she was told that her bone density had tripled since coming in. The second is the impossibly strong Louie Simmons, who at the young age of 67 can still deadlift over 600#s. As food for thought, I submit this unattributed quote:

“I do not intend to tip-toe through life only to arrive safely at my grave.”
Now, go earn it today!

Workout of the Day


Perform as many dips as possible in 1 minute x 3