Thursday, 2 January, 2014


Thursday, 2 January, 2014

Pam and Lyle working hard.

Pam and Lyle working hard.

Workout of the Day:


Barbell Shoulder Smash: 2 Min each, Pg 266

Glute Smash and Floss: 2 Min each, Pg 300


“The Filthy Fifty”
Complete 50 reps of the following for time:

Box Jumps

JumpingPull Ups

Kettle Bell Swings

Walking Lunge

Knees to Elbows

Push Press (45/ 35)

Back Extensions

Wall Ball


Double Unders

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  1. joe c

    Dang! Wish I was there for that one! On the road today tho. AM weightlifing DE front squats 10×5@#125, with some PT and w/u thrown in. PM WOD in hotel: Run 1k, then 21-15-9 lat pulldown, med ball clean (#12), med ball criss-cross situp things, Run 1k. Then shoulder stability work – 3×10 DB bench@#50, 3×10 bent over row @#50, 3×15 shurg@#50. now for a steak!