Saved By The Barbell


Saved By The Barbell

We are very proud to be hosting the 2018 SAVED BY THE BARBELL Fundraiser at CrossFit Agoge!


CrossFit has a dream to help schools return to fitness-based Physical Education.  For that reason, schools are able to become K-12 CrossFit Affiliates FOR FREE, as long as the program is administered by a CrossFit Trainer with the appropriate credentials and students are not charged a fee to participate in the class.  There are currently over 340 CrossFit Affiliates operating on K-12 Campuses around the world and we would love to see that number continue to grow.  For more information about K-12 Affiliation, contact [email protected].

The CrossFit Foundation has made this initiative a priority for the 2018-19 school year and is kicking it off with this event.

So sign up to participate at CrossFit For Kids and come join us at 9am on Saturday September 1 to work together to bring this vision to reality.

After the work is done, stay for breakfast and to help us celebrate 10 years of CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Agoge!