Saturday, 8 February, 2014


Saturday, 8 February, 2014

Western Slope Powerlifting Open V10 FINAL

No Classes today due to the Western Slope Powerlifting Meet.  

Come down and cheer for folks as they pick up heavy stuff!

There are no spectator costs.

2 Responses

  1. Kelli

    Thank you to all the Agoge peeps that volunteered today. The meet was super smooth and a huge success! It wouldn’t have been that way without you.
    Big congrats to JB for ALL his PRs, esp that ginormous deadlift! Congrats Hadley, Megan, Ally, Gabe, Ella, Heidi, Missy, and Frank…all you super strong Agoge athletes made us proud!

  2. joe c

    Congratulations everyone!!! Great job to all the pullers, pushers and squatters!!! And especially to Agoge for hosting such an event. Wish I had been there! Joes Canadia wod for sunday; 10min elliptical, mobility, then 5min amrap of 7 DL (#80db), 8 lateral jumps over the bench, 9 pushupsm rest 5 min then 5 min amrap 7 hang squat clean (#50db), 8 burpees, 9 situps. 5+3 for wod 1, 2+10 wod2.