Saturday, 11 January, 2014


Saturday, 11 January, 2014

Workout of the Day:


Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Minutes:

2 Squat Snatch

5 Pull Ups

For the first 5 Minutes use 70% of 1rm

For the second 5 Minutes use 80% of 1 RM

For the third 5 Minutes use 85%

3 Responses

  1. KB

    Watched this on the gondola in Telluride. Quinn is at his first ski lesson,falling and getting back up again, as I write. Verklempt.

  2. joe c

    Sat: rest. Sun: 15min AMRAP – 9DL @#60db, 12 pushup, 15 box jump (Open WOD from a couple years ago). 7+9 rounds. box jump was to a 20″ overly-padded bench.