Monday, 23 September, 2013


Monday, 23 September, 2013

Cargo climbs

Cargo climbs

Workout of the Day:

Group Warm Up:

Row 250:

2x: 10 Squats

10 Sit Ups

10 Lunge Steps

10 Tuck Jumps

10 Toes to Bar


Barbell Hamstring Smash (2 Min Ea)



800 M x 2

400 M x 2

200 M x 2

100 M x 2

Rest as needed but try to keep it to equal parts work and rest

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  1. John

    My beloved Agoge-ites:
    Hello from London-Heathrow airport. I am on my way to Belfast after a magical weekend in London. The people here were wonderful albeit not Coloradoans. The food was decidedly British, though very tasty at times and the coffee is… Not like Coffee Trader (man do we have it good).

    It strikes me as profound that I can travel around the world and yet every new place that I find myself, I find myself in the company of fast friends. The CrossFit community is a global one. I have oft been skeptical that anything could bind us as a species, especially across religious/ racial lines, but I am sure now that this is it. In class this weekend we had folks from the middle east, russia, and various other European countries and the common bond was the deep seeded love that we have this strange little workout program that started in Santa Cruz with a minuscule following. In many ways this leaves me breathless and certainly speechless. The values that we share in our little gym transcend every barrier to happiness and the community that we have invested ourselves in has such a far reaching effect as to have the potential to change the world, on a global scale but also on an individual scale. While I don’t often get wrapped up in the drama that exists in the greater CrossFit world, I wanted to share this with you all. You all, every one of you, inspire me and the other trainers at our corner of Colorado to be better, to step beyond our comfort zones and to gaze into that ugly mirror of self doubt all for the purpose of self improvement. In short, we (and I specifically) cherish each and every one of you. Thank you for being the beautiful and incredibly unique people that you are.

    Yours completely,

    1. Jen Schenk

      It really feels good to be a part of the Agoge Crew! Hollis and I made the journey from Eugene Oregon last January, we left all of our friends and family and moved to a small town where we knew no one. I instantly felt at home at CF Agoge, you all have been so welcoming and wonderful. Hopefully once the weather gets bad I can drag Hollis back in!

  2. joe c

    did this one on trail off of Dave Wood road with the dogs! very fun! 0.5 mi (3:40, 3:50), 0.25mi (1:26,1:26), 0.13mi (0:43, 0:40), 0.7mi (0:26, 0:24). 1/2s were pretty uphilly…

    definitely need to get my runnin legs back on!