Kids: OCTOBER 14, 2020


Kids: OCTOBER 14, 2020

Hey Families! Here’s a Kid version of todays Adult WOD.

10 Min AMRAP
4 Hang Cleans
4 Push Ups
10-20 Rope Jumps


Farmers & Lumberjacks-  Find a bunch of items you can put in your yard that can be easily pushed over.  In the gym style game we use cones.   sub for cones: buckets, single paper towel packages, anything else you can find that is stable when you stand it up.  In the game one person (or group of people) is a farmer and one a lumberjack.  On go, the players run around lumberjacks knocking over cones, farmers turning them up.  To make it more competitive give a time limit and see who has the most up or down when it buzzes.