Kids: March 19, 2018


Kids: March 19, 2018

Warm up:

Switch Cones: Set up 5 cones (4 corners and one in the middle). The game starts with an athlete at each of the 5 cones and the rest of the group waiting in line.  The person at the center cone calls switch and all athletes must move to a different cone than the one they are standing at.  The athlete that ends up at the middle cone exits the game and the next person in line tries.  Consider changing the method of movement between cones and if your class is large, creating some activity for those waiting in line to keep them from standing still too long. 

Skill work:

Food is Fuel:  Even for Kids, it’s important to start to understand how different foods help our bodies to be healthy and strong: Foods like Carbohydrates and Fats help give our body energy.  Protein helps repair damage and build muscle.  Learning what foods are good sources for Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat will help us make good choice about what to eat throughout the day.  To practice this, table three cones (or boxes or whatever is convenient) as each of the three macronutrient groups.  Athletes start on a line.  When the trainer calls out a food item (broccoli, fish, avocado, etc), athletes run to the place that they feel best represents the macronutrient category of that food.  Feel free to discuss briefly between rounds and remember that some foods are significant sources of more than one macronutrient group.


Station Rotation  3-4 Rounds

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Jump Rope
  3. Weighted Box Step Ups
  4. Toss Ball Against Wall and Catch