Kids: March 16, 2016


Kids: March 16, 2016

Warm up:

4 Station relay: Set up 4 cones equidistant from each other.  Divide kids evenly into lines behind each of the 4 cones. The first person in each of two opposing lines is given a foam baton.  On the command “Go!”, the two players holding a baton run clockwise to the next cone where they hand off the baton to the first person in line and then proceed the the back of the line they just got to.  The game continues until time is called or one baton “catches up” with the other.  Feel free to use hopping, skipping, bear crawling, etc to move between the cones.

Skill work:

Mobile plank: Athlete gets in the plank position with their hands shoulder width apart on a light barbell resting one the floor.  Trainers lift the barbell up and move it to different elevations while the athlete maintains the plank position throughout.  More advanced athletes might even be moved past upright into a partially suspended position.


AMRAP in a given amount of time of

7 Hang power cleans

7 Push ups