Kids: March 10,2020


Kids: March 10,2020

Warm up:

Mixed Tabata: Pick 8 movements that can be done for 20 sec each without equipment and rotate through them, Tabata style.

Skill work: 

Deadlift to a Box: Start at the top position of a deadlift (holding a light kettlebell) in front of a box and/or plates stacked to a height midway between hip and knee.  Push hips back and move the to set up position for a deadlift with hips resting on the box. Return to standing.  Adjust plates as needed and work to achieve position consistently without corrections. Remove one plate and then athlete should achieve set up position with hips hovering over the box.




4 Handstand Kick Ups

5 Tall Box Climb Overs

6 Deadlifts

Run 100m