Kids: January 20 , 2020


Kids: January 20 , 2020

Warm up:

Exercise Circle:  Have athletes circle up with an arms reach between ehm.  Have one person go to the center and lead the group on doing 10 reps of their chosen movement.  Movements must be without equipment and safe to be done in the center of the circle.

Skill work: 

Renegade Rows:  Have athletes start in plank position. Have them practice pulling one hand off the floor to their shoulders and then the other. After they are comfortable doing so go through the progression of the renegade row having them imagine they have a dumbbell in each hand. First plank, then push up, at top of push up pull one hand to the shoulder. Alternate hands each push up.  If they are comfortable without weight, you may add dumbbells for workout.



Station Rotation:  1 Minute each round for 4-5 Rounds.  30 second rest each round.

Renegade Rows

Rings  (Give them guidelines for what they can do on rings:  Swing, rings rows, ring holds, skin the cats etc.  based on trainers comfort level)

Rope Jumps

Hang Cleans