Kids: February 5, 2018


Kids: February 5, 2018

Warm up:

Rowling:  On a rower have athletes row and try to hit exactly 50m.  For however many meters over or under 50m they achieve, the athletes will perform a burpee.  Keep in mind the damper and make sure it is set to a safe level for each athlete.

Skill work:

Ring Rows:  Start Athletes by standing facing the rings and placing their hands inside them.  Then have them slowly walk their feet out in front of them until the are hanging completely horizontal to the rings.  Let them feel the weight of their body hanging from the rings with their heels only on the ground. Then have them walk their feet up closer to the rings so their body becomes more vertical.  From here have them pull their body into a hollow position and attempt to pull their chest to the rings while maintaining the hollow body. If they are successful allow them to walk their feet a bit further away and try again. Only let them go as far as they can maintain hollow midline.  



7 Donkey Kicks

Barrel Roll 10m

7 Ring Rows

Lunge Walk 10m