Kids: December 5, 2019


Kids: December 5, 2019

Warm up:

Whistle Drill:

Every time the whistle blows (or trainer calls switch) switch to the other movement in the pairing.

 Crab Walk & Bear Crawl

Squat thrusts & Box Jumps

Push ups & Sit ups

Skill work: 

Jumping From Plate to Plate:  We have played this a few times as a game.  This should be a simplified version.  Lay a myriad of plates out on the floor and have them traverse from one side to the other only jumping on plates.  To make it shorter for skill work you could go from one thin white line to another.  Each time take away a plate.



2-3 Pulls Up Rope ( for new athletes have them just try 1)

3 Squat Cleans

6 Push Ups

9 Sit Ups