Kids: December 4, 2019


Kids: December 4, 2019

Warm up:

Whistle Drill:

Every time the whistle blows (or trainer calls switch) switch to the other movement in the pairing.

 Crab Walk & Bear Crawl

Squat thrusts & Box Jumps

Push ups & Sit ups

Skill work: 

Broad Jump then Bunny Hop Over Hurdles: This drill is to help athletes switch to different speeds of movement quickly.  Explain that both types of jump start with a two foot take off and two foot landing.  Give a target that they will perform broad jumps to and then set up a series of hurdles that they will quickly switch to bunny type hops over.  Remind them to start slowly to get the movement correctly but that bunny hops and broad jumps are ideally most efficient when performed quickly.  Have them go through a number of times increasing their speed.



10-20 Rope Jumps

7 Front Squats

7 Burpees

Trip Through Hurdles (Two Foot Hops Only)