Kids: December 17, 2018


Kids: December 17, 2018

Warm up:

2 times though:  1 Forward Rolls, Lunge Walk, 4 Monkey Hangs, Bear Crawl Through Cones 


Skill work:

Box Squats:  Set athletes up with a box that allows them to squat below parallel.  Have them stand 4-6 inches away from box. Make sure you cue them to send their hips back and squat until they are sitting on top of box.  Look at their shins and point out whether their shins stayed vertical as a marker for whether or not they sent their hips back far enough.  Discuss the difference between plopping down on box and squatting with control to the box.



3 Squats

3 Pullups

3 Deadlifts

Duck Walk Around Cone and Back to Squats