Kids: December 13, 2018


Kids: December 13, 2018

Warm up:

2 times though:  1 Cartwheel, Bear Crawl 10 m, Dot Drills, Crab Walk 10m


Skill work:

Quick Elbows Drill:  Have athletes stand in squat stance.  Have them find their best front rack elbow position.  Once everyone feels what the appropriate front rack have them drop their elbows to super low position, point at the ceiling, push press position, call out positions at random and then call out “front rack” and see how quickly they can move their elbows to the front rack positions.  Continue on making it a game to see who can hit the front rack quickest.


Partner Workout  ” Meet in the Middle Style”

Have athletes stand at opposite ends of turf facing their partners.

5 Front Squats facing each other across room.

             Move to the middle doing movement of trainers choice, high five partner and back to their original spot.

5 Push Press

Move to middle doing movement of trainers choice, high five and back to original spot.

             (Trainer can call out every minute or so a new way the athletes should travel to middle and back ex: bear crawl, crab walk, skip, broad jump)