Kids: December 16, 2019


Kids: December 16, 2019

Warm up:

Decorate the Snowman Relay:  Divide Athletes into two teams.  Have one person stand at opposite end of area with their arms spread out.  Give the teams duplicate items to “decorate” the snowman with such as cones, jump ropes, pool noodles.  Make sure there is at least one item per athlete. On go, the teams race to decorate their tree. All items must stay where the athlete put them so encourage them to take their time to place the item and not throw them at the snowman.  Switch so that each person gets a turn being snowman.

Skill work: 

Shuttle Runs:  Go over the basics of shuttle runs.  Have athletes practice doing them a couple different ways.




7 Deadlifts

7 Pull Ups

7 Push Ups

1 Shuttle Run