Kids: April 23, 2018


Kids: April 23, 2018

Warm up:  

Skill Run:  Take group on a 400 m run stopping every 25-50 yards to practice a skill ex: 10 airsquats, push ups, tuck jumps, jumping jacks etc.  Make sure for safety that there is a trainer at the front and end of the group.

Skill work:

Compliment Cone: This game is set up just like regular CONE.  In pairs, athletes line up on either side of a cone.  Listening carefully, both partners perform the movement called by the Trainer.  When the word “Cone” is called, both partners try to be the one to snatch the cone up off of the ground.  In addition, who ever gets the cone first must give the other person across from them a compliment.  This is a good opportunity to discuss what a compliment is and why it is important to give compliments to people and why we like to receive them.  Make sure you rotate so that people get the opportunity to compliment other athletes.



3 Box Jumps

3 Front Squats

3 Burpees

3 Toes to Bar