Kids: April 16, 2020


Kids: April 16, 2020

Hey Families! Here’s a Kids version of todays Adult WOD.


10 Min AMRAP

5 Box (or Step Jumps)
10 Handstand Kick Ups or Donkey Kicks
15 Rope Jumps (or Line Jumps)


Plank games:  Choose a caller.  Have all others hold a plank while the caller gives directions.  See who can hold the longest while following the directions of the caller.  

Examples of things to call out to plankers:
Stick Right/left hand in the air
Stick Right/left foot in the air
Side shuffle two steps
Front/back shuffle
High five someone
Perform a barrel roll
Rub your belly with right/left hand
Touch your right hand to your left foot or vice versa
Do three mountain climbers
Do a push up
Get creative