Friday, September 10, 2010


Friday, September 10, 2010

Zoila gets comfortable and then grabs a drink while “resting” during the 75 Thrusters WOD. What did you do for rest? Were you this creative or did you just plod through? For some, the weight was fairly light and they could blast through, but for others the battle was epic and in every case where a fight ensued, the victor was the member that came out standing on the other side knowing that they didn’t give up. Sometimes the person with the slowest time on the board had the best workout of the day, because it took all of their faculties to walk back up to the bar and say “not today my friend, you will not win.” Great job to everyone that fights their weaknesses.

Workout of the Day

“CrossFit Total”

You have three attempts at a one rep max of each, Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift. Warmup for each lift before that specific lift and then take your attempts. The heaviest successful attempt at each lift is your number, combine the “Total” from all three lifts to get your score.

Example: 250 Back Squat 250 Press +250 Deadlift= 750 Total