Friday, January 11, 2008


Friday, January 11, 2008

Workout of the Day

Intro to the Burgener Warm-up

Chuck, Dan, and Tyler push through the hardest front squat workout we’ve come up with so far


*FYI: Beginning next week, we will no longer be posting results daily online (there are just getting to be too many of you!) However, if you would like to track your results, please post times and mods to Comments section each day. Eventually, we will link you back to the last time you did the workout so you can compare your scores.

Name Weight
Garth 115 lbs
Gina 65 lbs
Angie 65 lbs
Shawn B 95 lbs
Brian 133 lbs
Dan 80 lbs
Kelli L 20 lbs
Amy 55 lbs
Tyler 105 lbs
Isaac 155 lbs
Kathy H 20 lbs