Friday, 20 September, 2013


Friday, 20 September, 2013

Rainy Day Running WODs

Rainy Day Running WODs

Workout of the Day:


Partner Workout:

Complete as Many Rounds as Possible in 25 Minutes of:

30 Kettle Bell Swings

20 Dumbell Thrusters

10 GHD Sit Ups

1 Squat Snatch (95/ 65)

One teammate works at a time, split the workload as you see fit but you must complete one exercise before moving to the next.

2 Responses

  1. Chad

    Team “C squared” Chad/Craig – 7 rounds plus 40 reps. Strong work this morning! Nice job to the 6am crew and my WOD partner – way to keep fighting!

  2. Kelli

    team Becky and Kelli – 8 rounds + 60 (we just missed getting that last snatch in time). Thanks for being my partner Becky!