Friday, 1 September, 2017


Friday, 1 September, 2017

Member(s) of the Month for September:

Name–David Sinton and Missy Siders
Where are you from– AZ/OH
Met/Married– Peace Corps in Senegal/ married 27 years this past August
Occupations– GIS specialist at BLM/ Wildlife Biologist at BLM
How long CrossFitting– 7 years/5years, neither were making any progress at their current gym so they gave CrossFit a try
Fav WOD/movement-Fight Gone Bad, Wall Balls and Kettle Bells/CrossFit Total, deadlifts
Least fav WOD/movement-Grace or Isabelle/ Wall Balls and Burpees
Greatest improvement-Confidence/Squats
Background (athletics)– Cross Country and distance events/ outdoor activities and helped on the farm
Biggest reservation prior to joining– no real expectations/ prior injuries
And after you joined– love it, gained confidence/has immensely helped injured areas
Food–mostly Paleo
Favorite guilty pleasure– beer/margarita
Goals– do the Open, master double unders/do the Open, return to health prior to Chemo
Favorites activities outside gym– mountain biking/hiking
What advice would you give someone on the fence about starting crossfit–just come in
Something you don’t think we know about you–Missy was David’s motorcycle instructor in Peace Corps


Workout of the Day:

Warm Up:

3 rounds, 5 reps each

Sit Ups

Hip Extensions

Push Ups


Pull Ups



Anterior Compartment Smash

800 meter Run or Max Height Box Jump (5 min)


100 Hand Release Push Ups

At the top of each minute perform 5 Toes to Bar

Weakness Work:

Spend 15 minutes on a Weakness Movement