WOD – Pre-Teen


Health Advisory

At Agoge, community is so important. We believe our ability to support each other is paramount to our health and well being.

The appearance of COVID-19 in neighboring communities has brought us into uncharted territory in terms of our ability to do this. We are working hard to be able to keep our doors open for as long as is reasonable through this difficult time.   For this to be possible, we require your cooperation with the additional protocols we have put in place to help keep our environment as safe as possible for our community.

We have been advised avoid being in close proximity to each other. At Agoge we are very fortunate to have a large outdoor space and the ability to open up our large doors to permit air flow. Please be prepared for doors to be open and layer dress accordingly to accommodate for the weather. If necessary, we will be limiting class size to allow safe distance between athletes.

We are implementing additional cleaning procedures which will be outlined in class by trainers. We will be sanitizing common spaces, disposing of items left after class, and closing off areas of the gym that are difficult to keep clean. For your part, you will be asked to bring water bottles from home (the bottle filler will still be operational) wipe down anything you touch and not to share equipment with other athletes. We are continuously re-evaluating programming to avoid undue risk

For the immediate future, our Pre-K program is suspended. Additionally, children will not be permitted to congregate at the gym.  It is too difficult for them to understand the importance of safe distance.  Please make arrangements for your kids to stay at home while you work out.  For now, we are continuing with our Kids, Pre-teens, and Teens programming. However, this is subject to change at any time.

Which brings us to our most important guidance:
If you, or someone you care for, experience an illness OF ANY KIND, PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO THE GYM   We appreciate that it is allergy season.  If you are coughing or sneezing, stay home anyway.  Our community includes individuals with immune systems that are compromised by age and/or illness and it is critical that we do everything in our power to protect them and our community at large. While we deeply appreciate your desire to get a workout, it is not okay to risk the health and safety of others.  

We will be providing options for outdoor and at-home workouts. If you need to stay home due to illness, childcare concerns, or any other reason, we will do whatever we can to support you in your desire to stay healthy and fit. Reach out via the website or give us a call. We are here for you.

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