Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Julie Y has been pouring it on lately and has seen remarkable improvements in her times and in her strength. Great job lady, we are proud to see how far that you have come.

Workout of the Day

Partner up with someone who has a deadlift 1RM close to yours and perform the following workout for time and reps:

6 Rounds of:
Run 200 Meters
As Many Deadlifts as possible

Each round will be completed when both partners have completed the 200 M run. While one person is running, the other will attempt as many Deadlifts as possible during the duration of the run. The Deadlifts will start at approximately 90% of the team’s 1 Rep max and will get lighter by 10% each round. In other words: if my deadlift is 100 pounds, round 1 will go at 90 lbs, round 2 at 80 lbs and so on. Subtract the total number of reps from the overall time in seconds.