Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last Saturday’s workout in the park featured forward rolls. Just like the handstand, the forward roll allows us to understand what our capabilities will look and feel like after a severe bout of disorientation. Functional? You bet, the last place that you want to be when you find out that you have problems flipping and tumbling, is when you need to survive after flipping and tumbling.

Workout of the Day

“Running 2 man Grace”

Get into two person teams and complete the following for time:

One person will start with a 200 Meter Sprint, the other will start with Clean and Jerks (135/ 85). The workout is complete when the team has finished with 30 full squat clean and jerks. Score by subtracting 5 seconds for each 200 meter sprint completed by each team member. In other words, if I run twice and my buddy runs twice, then we subtract 20 seconds total.