Wednesday, 05 December, 2012


Wednesday, 05 December, 2012

Ron driving through a PR press during the CrossFit Total! Strong work brother, you have come a very long way.

Workout of the Day

Group Warmup
Jog 400 Meters as a group
Amrap in 6 minutes at a warmup pace of:
10 Steps Bandy Walk (each)
10 Bandy Good Mornings
10 Dumbell Shrugs
10 Box Jumps

Power Clean
Start at 50%. Do one power clean and 20 double unders then rest 30 seconds. Repeat for 20 total power cleans. Go up in weight as you see fit. If you change weights, start the 30 second rest after change has been completed… And no, that doesn’t mean rest 30 seconds, change weight and rest another 30 seconds!