Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Garth is in the Montrose Daily Press today!

Big Kudos to Garth C. for a job well done performing his duties as a patrol officer. You make us proud Garth! To read the details check out the link below. If you flip through the photos you can see him in action.

Workout of the Day

Row 2K
Skill transfer drills


Name 2K Time
Jennie 9:54
Eric 8:13
Neisha 5:07 (1K)
Cathy 5:45 (1K)
Kelly 8:14
Dan 9:56
Shawn 9:03
Garth 8:23
John 7:39

Not everyone got to row today due to time so “to be continued…” Great work with the technique drills. A big welcome to Dan, a new addition to our PM crew!
Cathy R… overhead diva.