Tuesday, 27 December, 2016


Tuesday, 27 December, 2016

Move weight!

Move weight!

Workout of the Day:

Warm Up:

Running Warm-up

2) Single Under Hops x 50 feet

3) Jump rope jog 2 x 50 feet

*Do 3 air squat after each run drill in the running warm-up series. Do 5 squats with medball held as you would for a wall ball shot after the single under hop drills. Do 5 wall ball shots after the jump rope jog drill.


Deadlift Progression


AMRAP 20 Minutes

Run 400 meters

20 Wall Ball

3 Rope Climbs

Immediately upon completion of part 1 take 10 minutes to build to a heavy 5 rep set on the Deadlift

Cool Down:

Supine banded hamstring stretch, 90 seconds per side



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