Thursday, 13 July, 2017


Thursday, 13 July, 2017

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Check out this highlight video from last year’s Reebok CrossFit Games.  We have a new venue this year, will we have new champions?

Workout of the Day:

Warm Up:
Row 500 M
As Many Rounds as Possible in 8 Minutes of:
5 Push Ups—> Spiderman Stretch
10 Sit Ups—> Walking Samson Stretch
5 Super Slow Squats—> Hurdle Over/ Under
5 Dips—> High Kicks
Death By Wall Ball
Tempo Work:
Perform 7 Push Ups Every 30 Seconds x 8 Rounds

1 Response

  1. Kelli

    Weightlifting: special bar squat, spider bar
    40%x5x3- 85#
    50%x3x5- 95#
    60%x2x5- 110#
    Speedy DL, conventional
    50%x3x5- 115#
    60%x3x5- 135#
    Things and stuff