Saturday, 5 August, 2017


Saturday, 5 August, 2017

Workout of the Day:

Warm Up:

Split into 2 teams, one person from each team starts

1 forward roll===> 10yd crab walk

7 sit ups===> 10yd bear crawl

7 push ups===> 10yd frog hops

7 toes to bar===>10yd lunge walk ….Crossfit Baseball!


Sumo Deadlift High Pull Progression with PVC

GHD Situps & Scaling


As Many Rounds as Possible in 7 Minutes of:

12 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/ 55)

10 Box Jumps

8 GHD Sit Ups

Cool Down:

Row for 5 minutes

LAX Ball Side Hip Smash (2 min each)