Saturday, 15 February, 2014


Saturday, 15 February, 2014

Sally finds overhead.

Sally finds overhead.

Workout of the Day:


Complete the following for time, Partition however you see fit:

30 Hand Stand Push Ups

60 Dips

90 Push Ups

4 Responses

  1. joe c

    This one looks fun! I’ll try it tomorrow. Did some WL today after a w/u on the dreadmill: banded GM, db FS, weighted walking lunges, db DL, and 5 min of plank hold (unbroken!). Good times at camp…

  2. joe c

    Holy shoulders Batman! HSPU are definately a huge weakness. 38:45. Used the bench press machine yoke for dips, and must of the HSPU were more like ‘attempts’, but got 3 linked together, which is a record for me!