Monday, 4 June, 2018


Monday, 4 June, 2018

The June Member of the Month is:

Brian Sanders

Age: 57
Where are you from— California, MO
Occupations– Plumbing sales, dad, husband
How long CrossFitting– starting his 3rd year
What brought you in— His youngest stepson was coming to classes and Brian would pick him up. He was asked several times when he was starting and he finally decided to jump in.
How did you feel after your first WOD– He remembers that he was very sore and tired after the first intro session. His first benchmark/hero WOD was “Randy”, though it took another year until he did it Rx.
Fav WOD/movement– likes squats and now double unders
Least fav WOD/movement– Running
Background (athletics)– He played football and did a little track in high school, and played soccer in college
Food— Tries to eat reasonable portions
Favorite guilty pleasure– Nothing in particular
Goals— Stay healthy and active and be fit enough to enjoy his retirement. He realized at 55 he was getting weak and there were things he couldn’t do, so he decided he had to do something to change that.
What advice would you give someone on the fence about starting CrossFit— Commit to it and do it. This is the first gym he’s joined where he came longer than a month after signing up. He also likes that he doesn’t have to come up with a workout- he shows up and does the work.
Summer Plans— Going to a family reunion and enjoying some camping.

Workout of the Day:


Running Warm Up

Joint Prep


30 sec of legs only rowing

30 sec of single unders (slow pace)

30 sec of legs and lean rowing

30 sec of single unders (fast pace)

30 sec of rowing

30 sec of double unders


Run 1 Mile

150 Double Unders

Row 1600 m


Bone Saw Calf Smash (90 sec each)

Plantar Surface Smash (90 sec each)